Learfield has always taken great pride in seeking out the most qualified leadership for its respective business areas. Our vetting process ensures those men and women fit the company’s trust-driven culture – one that is rooted in integrity and high character. Now, more than ever, we remain focused on identifying and developing exceptional talent all across the country that together reflects a diverse group of individuals dedicated to serving the partners we’re privileged to represent.

Bob Agramonte
Chief Business Dev. Officer
Phil Atkinson
Vice President Information Technology
Pam Batalis
Vice President
Bob Bernard
President & CEO, Learfield Licensing Partners
Gil Beverly
Vice President
Jeff Bolitho
Vice President
Tom Boman
Vice President Broadcast Operations
Keith Bradshaw
Vice President
Greg Brown
President/Chief Executive Officer
Eric Buchanan
Vice President Training & Development
Spencer Christiansen
Vice President
Jerry Cifarelli
Co-Founder, President & CEO, ANC
Chris Curtis
President & CEO, GoVision L.P.
Kim Damron
President, Paciolan
Kyle Denzel
Vice President
Gerry Dickey
Vice President
Megan Eisenhard
Vice President Talent Acquisition
Pat Fagan
Senior Vice President
Solly Fulp
Executive Vice President Campus+
Roger Gardner
Steve Gowan
Senior Vice President
Jennifer Heim
Vice President / Corporate Controller
David Hubbard
Vice President
Matt Hupfeld
Chief Financial Officer
Daryl Jasper
Vice President
Marc Jenkins
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Kingston
Vice President
Andrew Kossoff
Vice President Campus+
George Linardos
CEO/Learfield Venue Technology
Ben Lorenzen
Vice President Campus+
Jeff Martin
Vice President Human Resources
Mike McCollum
Executive Director Business Development
Doug Mowbray
President & CEO, Mogo Interactive
Ed O'Hara
President & Chief Creative Officer, SME
Jack Patterson
Vice President Digital & Social Media
Alex Pendleton
Vice President Finance
John Raleigh
Chief Legal Officer
Andy Rawlings
Executive Vice President/ Chief Revenue Officer
Jeff Rubin
President & CEO, SIDEARM Sports
Chris Sanders
Senior Vice President
Roy Seinfeld
Executive Vice President National Sales
Jeff Shoultz
Executive Director Business Development
Rob Sine
President, IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions
Tom Stevens
Executive Director Business Development
Sarah Stieferman
Vice President Operations Controller
Keisha Taylor
Senior Vice President Integrated Marketing
Jeff Tennant
Senior Vice President
Tim Utrup
Vice President
Temple Weiss
Chief Administrative Officer
Bob Welch
Vice President
Andrew Wheeler
Executive Vice President
Don Williams
Vice President
Tom Wistrcill
Vice President
Aaron Worsham
Senior Vice President Affiliate Relations/Operations